Celebs who copy Britney


Exposing the unoriginal copy cats who all look up to the beautiful, talented Queen Britney Spears.

Nicki copies Britney AGAIN

Britney started the chair trend. 

When Britney (who looked flawless on her wedding day) got married in 2004, Xtina obviously thought she had to get married too. So she dressed up as a drag queen.

slasher-flicks asked: Britney invented sitting in a chair? Omg am I copying her too?

Get up and thank Godney for the chair you’re sitting on.

Anonymous asked: your blog is pathetic. you think that the whole world copys britney spears!!lol!! shakira is the queen and she is much better than your idol..

Shakira who?

Mother flop copies the Queen.

Floptina copies Britney’s beautiful pregnant cover.

Britney Spears copies Britney’s In The Zone look.

Anonymous asked: Haxhahaxa you must be kidding about Christina and britney's hair! XDDDDD First of all They look nothing like and second Britney copied the whole "Circus" thing from Xtina's back to basics album & opening her tour, shut the fuck up and better delete this useless blog for this funny and hilarious "Queen" britney.

They look exactly the same. 

EVERYONE has done the Circus, all the way back to Marilyn Monroe and then Madonna was inspired by her and did it and many others. So anyone can use the Circus theme.  

But who’s Circus do people talk about? Britney’s or Christina’s?

Reblogging again to show that BRITNEY did it before Shakira AND Nicki!


boybandsandstuffies-deactivated asked: You are flawless. Your blog is flawless. The Queen is flawless. End of. kbye<333

Thank you